Passion. Dedication. Excellence.

We strive to produce a well-rounded player, with a focus not only on horsemanship and sportsmanship, but a strong emphasis on success in the classroom. In the end, we hope to return a valuable member back to your club and the polo playing community.

Intercollegiate/Interscholastic Programs

The Intercollegiate/Interscholastic program is divided into four divisions: Girl’s and Open Interscholastic, Women and Men’s Intercollegiate. All games are played in the arena using a split string format, utilizing two strings of six horses where each horse plays twice, once per team, to limit home team advantage. The I/I season begins September 1st and teams are seeded for the spring tournaments based on regular season play. Teams compete throughout the regular season to vie for regular season champion status. Winners of each tournament advance, culminating at the National Championships. At each tournament, awards are given to the winning team, four all-stars, a sportsmanship recipient, Best Playing Pony and Best Playing String.


Middle School Program

The Middle School league was started in 2014 to offer a venue for students in 5th – 8th grade an opportunity to compete at the tournament level against players their own age. Rather than play on a split string as in the IS and IC tournaments, players get to play their own pony, or source an appropriate one.


Interscholastic Varsity Letter

Individually, players are able to work towards earning their Interscholastic Varsity Letter in Polo. Students are required to put in at least 100 hours of riding, stick and balling, practice and game time; as well as compete in at least 1 regular season game and post-season tournament play. Varsity letter recipients receive a certificate of achievement, a varsity letter patch, a pin for their first year, and each additional year.


Intercollegiate Scholarship

The USPA recognizes 40 universities and colleges that have active collegiate polo programs. Intercollegiate polo scholarships are available through the USPA for students who have competed in the Interscholastic Division and continue on to play polo in college.


Additional Opportunities

Clinics, funding, fundraiser, and umpire support are additional programs available to all I/I programs. Collegiate players also have the opportunity to apply to play for the USA team in the International Challenge Cup each year against SUPA Britain.