The USPA Executive Committee recognizes the importance of the USPA I/I Program and has approved funds for the enhancement and support of Intercollegiate¬†Clubs. The Start-up & Enhancement (S&E) Program was designed to assist in carrying out the Mission Statement and Strategic Goals of the I/I Committee by helping to grow and sustain the sport of polo at the I/I level. The S&E program provides valuable expertise and know-how in starting, developing and enhancing Intercollegiate Programs. If you are an Interscholastic program contact your club’s PDI representative.

In short, the I/I Start-up & Enhancement Program (I/I S&E) is designed to support projects that:

  • Support new Intercollegiate Programs
  • Enhance existing Intercollegiate Programs

The 2017 I/I S&E Fund consists of $30,000 available to fund items such as tack, equipment, mallets, balls, etc. All approved items must be reimbursable. Outflows from the I/I S&E fund are not to exceed $2,000 per club/school/year.

The I/I S&E is not available to fund:

  • Travel Expenses.
  • Transportation of horses to tournaments.
  • Arena/Horse Rentals.
  • Personal Items.
  • Clinics, Coaches, etc.
    • Arena Building/Improvements
    • Horse Care/Feed/Board
    • Team Jerseys
  • Helmets

Items purchased with USPA I/I S&E Funds are property of the approved club and are to remain with that club until the item is of no longer serviceable. USPA will commit to a fair and timely evaluation period once a complete application has been submitted.  I/I S&E funding should be viewed as seed money to be combined with other self-raised funds to start and support I/I programs that will eventually be able to stand on their own.

Application Guidelines

  • The Intercollegiate club requesting funds must be a current USPA Club in good standing.
  • The I/I S&E project must be aimed at the intercollegiate level.
  • The I/I S&E project must benefit the greatest amount of polo players possible.
  • A detailed itemized list of requested items, including costs, must accompany the

A cap amount of the following items has been issued:

  1. Saddle – $800.
  2. Mallet – $100.
  3. One Box (10) of Arena Balls/ $160.
  4. Complete Polo Bridle – $350.
  5. Knee Pads – $120.
  6. Horse Donation Travel Expenses – $1000